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Welcome to Hotel Northbridge

Since 1897.

Now delivering Food & Drinks via Menulog

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Our Story

Hotel Northbridge is a unique heritage-listed property steeped in history, originally built in 1897. The hotel was established during the boom of the gold prospecting era with proceeds from the discovery of one of Western Australia’s largest gold nuggets named the ‘Golden Eagle’. Originally renowned as the ‘Royal Standard’, providing travellers and local patrons a place of comfort, rest and recreation. Visitors enjoyed 18th Century hospitality, whilst their faithful equine steeds would be tendered by on-site stable hands, ready for another hard days travel.

In November 1999, the owner and developer completed his innovative vision of restoring the Hotel’s heritage-listed features including the resurrection of the original balcony. Alongside this, was the opportunity to implement a unique and exciting modern 4-Star accommodation facility.


Hotel Northbridge
210 Lake St, Perth 6000
08 9328 5254

Hyde Park - 6 Minute Walk (400m)
Perth Train Station & Busport - 17 Minute Walk (1.3km)
Perth CBD - 20 Minute Walk (1.6km)
James St - 16 Minute Walk (1.2km)

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